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Tahseen Khayat Group was founded in 1968 and originally concentrated its activities in the publishing industry.Since those early days, the group has expanded and branched out into a number of different sectors: Education, Broadcast Media, Publishing and Printing, Hospitality Management, Sports and Leisure, Power Generation, and Construction.

Today, Tahseen Khayat Group is active around the world and does business throughout the Arabian Peninsula and the Arab-speaking world, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Far East. It has offices in a number of countries and cities (Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai, Iraq, Kuwait, Kurdistan, London, Qatar). This allows us to maximize our awareness of local conditions and the needs of the societies we work with and to tailor appropriately the services we provide.


company events

  • 09 . 04'2014

    Nadia Khayat - COO - Article :

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  • 23 . 10'2013

    TKG Gives Back : Tahseen Khayat Group, a prominent Lebanese conglomerate of Publishing, Educational and Hospitality companies, made an incredibly generous donation of 750 boxes of books to the Shatt Al-Arab Library in Basra. AMAR was able to help facilitate the donation and arrange delivery, ensuring that the books arrived safely at the library. more
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  • 01 . 10'2013

    TKG Real-Estate Development : 1866 What Bliss Street Has Been Waiting For. Just what the area needed, a new hotel center is to be established on Bliss Street. Made convenient for young settlers, the latest project by Tahseen Khayat Group is dubbed 1866 and includes contemporary amenities, tailor-made for those who want to enjoy a modern lifestyle in one of the most buzzing streets of Beirut. The project will bring forward opulent interiors and refined services for trendy tenants seeking upscale accommodation and ease. Mr. Karim Khayat, CEO of Tahseen Khayat Group, talks to us about the new concept hotel/center that is set to open shortly. Press here to read the full article.
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  • 01 . 03'2013

    TKG Education : All Prints Distributors and Publishers, a leading distributor of books in the Arab World organized two Language Art Workshops at the Lebanese American University and the American University of Beirut during the month of  March. The workshops; which were hosted by Dr. Nancy Updegraff, an International Consultant at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt focused on Critical Thinking and Children with Reading Problems. The workshops hosted over 700 teachers and educational specialists from all over Lebanon and the MENA region.

    Nadia Khayat, Chief Operation Officer of the Education Sector at TKG, stated that, “We are delighted and honored to host Dr. Nancy, a prominent consultant who has worked with trainers across the globe to develop pioneering educational techniques.”  

    Dr. Nancy Updegraff is a specialist in teacher training and grant-writing. She has worked in 47 states across the United States, assisting them with their Reading First Grant applications. She holds degrees in Urban Education, English, Learning Disabilities, Reading, Psychology and Professional Development. She is the author of 12 articles and counts her proudest moment as being a finalist for the Illinois Teacher of the Year.

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  • 24 . 01'2013

    TKG Education : Seminar in Crown Plaza hotel in Beirut, Lebanon held by TKG specialists to discuss e-learning in general as well as the implementation in the Middle East. (http://www.aliwaa.com/Article.aspx?ArticleId=151884)
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  • 11 . 02'2013

    TKG Education : All Prints Distributors and Publishers, a leader in supplying and distributing educational material, recently signed a partnership contract to distribute and publish with the global publishing house Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  This significant step compliments the numerous achievements of All Prints – a business in the Tahseen Khayat portfolio- as it continues to successfully combine GEOprojects, located in Beirut, and Garnet, in London, to provide educational and advisory services across the Arab world and Middle East.

    Nasouh Al Ameen, the Vice Presidents of All Prints, said, “we are proud of this agreement with an international and highly-renowned publishing house as such a step will ensure our company's prominent position in the Lebanese market.” He added,  “Several exceptional publications of our Group will soon be accessible to the educated and cultured Lebanese consumer who remains thirsty for  knowledge."

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt was founded in 1832 and soon expanded to include well-known names in American literature, such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mark Twain. In 2007, the company acquired Harcourt Education, which was founded in 1919. Today, it works in the publishing and distribution of schools books and other literary publications and has recently started publishing several old and new e-books.

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  • 12 . 01'2013

    TKG Education : During this holy and festive season, Garnet Education has contributed to a charity holiday program organized by MTV Lebanon by donating several of its own publicasations which were distributed to disadvantaged children and orphans as gifts for the holidays.
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  • 21 . 12'2012

    TKG Education : Garnet Education, one of the world’s leading educational companies based in the UK and part of the Tahseen Khayat Group, collaborated with the Arts, Sciences and Technology University (AUL) in Lebanon to graduate 100 students with the English Proficiency Test certificate. This international language certificate equips them with the opportunity to continue their education in many colleges around the world.

    Held at AUL’s Beirut campus, in the presence of Professor Peter Holly, an academic specialist from Garnet Education UK, the students were honored with a graduation ceremony.  During his visit, Professor Holly also held a workshop for all AUL English Language instructors, where crucial issues were raised, discussed and recommended to enhance the language of instruction in accordance with the most up-to-date teaching methods and research work.

    Peter Holly, Academic Educator at Garnet Education stated: “We are delighted to join hands with AUL as we seek to provide ambitious students with a firm grasp of the English language, enabling them to continue their higher education in internationally renowned institutions worldwide.”   

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  • 12 . 08'2012

    TKG Engineering and contracting : Opening ceremony for 29 MW power plant in Dohuk (Kurdistan) by Middle East Power (MEP) subsidiary of Tahseen Khayat Group. This is the second power plant for MEP in Kurdistan. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IwVSAuP1Vg&list=UU4JCsTLFcHGk10qpiNMh0Ww&index=4)
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